Recruitment Dates


Please click on the  individual Training Sites' tabs (District 545, District 832) for their schedule of Apprentice Recruitments

Training Site Jurisdictions

The jurisdiction for Upstate New York Engineers Training Fund includes Districts 545 and 832 of IUOE Local 158. You can view the map on the jurisdiction page.

NYS Registered Apprenticeship Program


Apprentice Criteria

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be able to understand and read English and be able to understand verbal instructions and warnings given in English
  • possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Proof required at time of acceptance.
  • reside in the jurisdiction of Districts 832 or 545 depending on which district for apprentice recruitment they are applying. Refer to Jurisdictions of each District.
  • have one year of trade related experience
  • possess a valid driver's license. Proof required at time of acceptance.
  • have reliable transportation to and from work sites and related instruction
  • be willing and able to travel to and from various job sites within the Local's jurisdiction.
  • pass a drug and alcohol test at the sponsor's expense prior to being accepted into the Program. May be subject to random drug testing at any time during apprenticeship
  • be physically able to perform the work required as determined by a signed physical affidavit at time of acceptance, including, but not limited to having the ability to:
  • lift heavy objects, work in confined spaces, working with and/or operating hazardous machinery. Physical Affidavit to be signed at time of acceptance.
  • work in extreme dust conditions, extreme heat, or cold or damp weather
  • work over water and from heights
  • being exposed to loud noises or respiratory irritants